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at the age of 65 with the purchase of life insurance, paid-up in 20 years

Whole Life Insurance


Cash Values with Paid-Up Life Insurance

Among one of the best ways to save for retirement

Great value for money in the market when you secure your future

Lower cash values also available after 10th policy anniversary

Partial or total surrender options available

Options of borrowing against cash values as a loan

Disclaimer: The plan is not suitable for everyone. Financial Needs Analysis will be done before quoting the plan as per the requirements from the insurance company and the governing insurance council. The plan is underwritten by various insurance companies that I represent. Death benefit is non-taxable. Withdrawals or the excess of ACB are taxable.


Other Services

Newcomers Emergency Medical Insurance

Purchasing insurance right when you arrive can go a long way. It’s recommended to purchase private emergency medical insurance for the 3 months you are waiting for OHIP (Ontario Health Card).

Newcomers Insurance

Insurance for supervisa​

Insurance for
super visa

Call me to get quick and easy super visa insurance for your parents or grandparents for their every visit. Plan comparisons and coverage for some pre-existing conditions are available. Are you inviting your family or friends to visit you?

Financial Literacy

I believe that it is important for everyone  to understand their finances regardless of their age, gender, or occupation. It is important to understand where your money is coming and going to better manage your finances.

Financial Literary

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Aman Ahuja, MEBT

Financial Security Advisor

(416) 840-0128
Toll Free: 1-844 440-0128


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Phone: (416) 840-0128

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