Disability Insurance

Insurance that PAYS in the Event of an Accident

Disability Insurance pays you directly in the event you are not able to work because of an illness or an unfortunate event, in case there’s an accident at work and you can’t work for months or even years. 

Can you still earn a living while you’re not working?

Most people will simply run out of money without an income. That’s why einsured.ca offers outstanding Disability Insurance. It pays in the event you are in an accident at work or outside of work. 

How often have you seen a co-worker injure their back and have to stay home for weeks or months?

Sometimes they are unable to return to work, or lose their job, and have to find another way to earn a living. It’s in these times that having reliable Disability Insurance in Canada can bring real peace of mind. Now you have the money to pay your rent or mortgage, buy food, and pay for your medical treatments. Having this money will allow you to fully recover and return to work.

Peace of mind is only a click away!

Explore our disability insurance

Our Disability insurance in Canada can provide you with a guaranteed protection for your paycheck.
To find the most affordable Disability Insurance quote in Canada, you can speak with one of our insurance experts. We offer the most effective and convenient Disability Insurance policy in Canada that protects your well-being during disability and can support you financially through your rehabilitation.
Our disability insurance advisor can help you select the right plan depending on your occupation, job, and risk factors. With effective Disability Insurance policy from einsured.ca, you can safeguard your savings during your absence from work.

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