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Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance that PAYS in the Event of an Accident

Disability Insurance that PAYS in the Event of an Accident. You’re in an accident at work and can’t work for months or even years. You’re driving to work and in an accident on the road. It takes weeks to months to recover. Can you still earn while not working?

Most people are simply out of income. That’s why eInsured.ca offers outstanding Disability Insurance. It pays in the event you are in an accident at work or outside of work.

How often have you seen a co-worker injure their back and have to stay home for weeks or months? Sometimes they are unable to return, lose their job, and have to find some other way to earn a living.

It’s in these times having reliable Disability Insurance can bring real peace of mind. Now you have the money you need to pay your rent or mortgage, put food on the table, and pay for needed treatments.

This is the money you need to fully recover and return to work.


You and your family can experience no deterioration in lifestyle or financial hardship.

We’re ready to get you started on affordable Disability Insurance that pays in the event of an accident. We are happy to answer your questions and create an affordable policy that will fit your budget.

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