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The Canadian newcomer’s guide to insurance   Each year, the Canadian government welcomes hundreds of thousands of people on permanent residence or on a specific visa. One of the greatest perks about moving to Canada is universal health care. Residents of Canada are covered by the public health care system. However, applying for a health insurance card in your own province is required before you can take advantage of these benefits. Newcomers to Canada and recent permanent residents, however, are generally required to wait a certain time, usually 3 months or longer, before becoming eligible for provincial healthcare. As a newcomer to Canada, you need to safeguard your finances with medical insurance. 
Among the world’s best healthcare systems is that of Canada. However, if you are a newcomer and you do not yet have insurance coverage, it could be very expensive if you were to get ill or injured during your waiting period. As a result, medical bills could start piling up and reach tens of thousands of dollars.
Fortunately, various temporary medical insurance plans provided by Canadian companies can keep you and your finances safe if you purchase insurance before landing in Canada.
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