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Insurance for Super visa

Emergency Medical Insurance for Super Visa Applicants

Your kids are Canadian citizens or residents. You want to apply for your Super Visa that will allow you multiple visits over the long term. Your kids and grand kids are looking forward to seeing you often. And they’re exciting about you getting your Super Visa. But before it can be granted, you need Mandatory Emergency Medical Insurance.

Here at eInsured.ca we make it easy and affordable to get the insurance you need. We have specially designed Emergency Medical Insurance for Super Visa Applicants. This fully meets government requirements. You will get the facts and paperwork you need to include with your application.

As a holder of the Canadian Super Visa you have all the rights of a tourist to move freely about our great country. No doubt you will want to travel and see our amazing sites and attractions. Having effective medical insurance gives you peace of mind knowing you will be covered in the event of an accident or illness.

This lets you enjoy your stay with family while meeting the requirements for applying for your Super Visa. Please contact us to get the coverage you need. We are always ready to answer your questions and get you started with what you need.

super visa insurance

It's easy to do and the cost is highly affordable. Let's get you started.

You are applying for a Supervisa to visit your children, grand children, or other family. You need quality medical and health insurance to complete your application. We can set you up with the insurance you need and the documentation required for your visa application.

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eInsured.ca is your trusted source for insurance of all kinds. From outstanding life insurance to investment and savings plans to high quality, affordable insurance for newcomers and Super Visa applicants. Please contact our office for your no-obligation discussion. We’re ready to assist with professional advice and great options.

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