No Medical Life Insurance

Get up to $2M Coverage without a Medical exam

What Is No Medical Life Insurance?

No medical life insurance, also known as no exam life insurance, offers the life coverage you need without the traditional, often invasive, medical examinations.
Traditionally, securing life insurance involved extensive health questions, blood tests, and medical exams, which could delay the approval process by weeks, or even months. No medical life insurance eliminates these barriers, providing you with an efficient, straightforward path to securing your peace of mind.
In Canada, no medical life insurance is experiencing a surge in popularity, quickly becoming the fastest-growing category of life insurance products. These policies offer the convenience of not requiring a medical exam, blood test, or assessment of vitals, such as blood pressure, height, and weight. Due to the absence of these tests, life insurance coverage can be obtained much faster, often immediately. It is no surprise that this type of insurance is in high demand.

Types of No Medical Life Insurance

Simplified Issue
Simplified Issue Life Insurance doesn’t require a medical exam but may involve answering a few health-related questions. It’s designed for speed and simplicity, offering a straightforward application process and quick decision times.
Guaranteed Issue

With Guaranteed Issue, you won’t have to answer any health questions or undergo a medical exam. This type is particularly beneficial for those who have pre-existing health conditions that would typically make them ineligible for traditional life insurance policies. 


Benefits of No Medical Life Insurance

Who Needs No Medical Insurance Coverage?

In today’s uncertain world, securing your family’s future is more important than ever. But what happens when traditional life insurance policies seem out of reach due to medical exams that many find intrusive or disqualifying due to pre-existing conditions? That’s where no medical insurance coverage comes into the picture – an inclusive solution ensuring everyone has the opportunity for protection.

No Health Exams, No Worries!

No medical insurance policies offer a seamless route to gaining the coverage you need without the need for medical examinations.

This is particularly beneficial for:

Individuals with Pre-existing Conditions:
If you have health conditions that have made obtaining traditional life insurance challenging, no medical insurance is designed for you.
Senior Citizens:
As we age, securing life insurance can become more complex. No medical insurance offers a simplified process, ensuring that it’s never too late to protect your loved ones.
Those Who Value Privacy:
If you prefer not to disclose medical histories or undergo health exams, our no medical insurance options respect your privacy while providing the coverage you need.

Eligibility Criteria for No Medical Life Insurance



Why Choose for No Medical Life Insurance?

At, we understand the importance of finding an insurance solution that matches your needs, lifestyle, and budget. Here’s why choosing us for your no medical life insurance needs makes sense:

Revolutionizing Insurance for Everyone: Even When Others Say No!

Recognizing the challenges many face in securing coverage due to past declines, modifications, or deferrals by other insurers, we are looking to protect almost everyone through various insurance products.
Embracing cases that have been declined, rated, modified, or deferred, we strive to provide an equitable insurance solution to protect you and your loved ones. Our approach is rooted in understanding and addressing your health concerns while offering the benefit of low premiums, without compromising on the quality of coverage.


No medical life insurance offers a convenient and accessible pathway to securing the future of your loved ones without the hassle of medical exams. Whether you’re looking for simplified issues or guaranteed issue life insurance, is here to empower you with digital solutions that fit your budget and lifestyle. Start exploring your no medical life insurance options with us today and take the first step towards peace of mind and financial security. A proper needs analysis will be performed before a life insurance product is recommended. partner in securing a brighter, more secure future. If you’ve been turned away by other insurers, let us show you the difference. With our focus on health concerns, commitment to low premiums, and inclusive approach, we’re here to ensure that everyone has access to the protection they need.
Discover a world of insurance possibilities where your needs are prioritized. Contact us today to start your journey towards securing a comprehensive and affordable insurance solution tailored just for you.

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